Experience the new Toronto Nightlife

A Toronto Beer and Pub Food Revolution

Toronto enjoys some of the finest pub food in the world, and you won't be let down when it comes time to wash all that great grub down—The city also has a thriving beer culture!

Today, dozens of different beers can be found on almost any street. You've probably tried many new beer styles in the past few years, as most beers have stocked many new styles in just the last couple years. It's impossible to go out and not find something new and exciting to try. Even grocery stores are getting into the act with expanded craft and domestic selections.

If you haven't had the pleasure, now's the time to experience the city's updated nightlife. You'll be able to find lots of great beer and food, and we'll tell you where.

Sample Your Local Pub's Latest Stock

The beer revolution is creating a new class of connoisseurs, but the accessibility of beer makes it easy to become a traveled expert without spending too much money, or even leaving your own neighborhood.

If you want to see what new beers are in stock in Toronto, it's likely that your local pub has already joined thousands of establishments in working hard to meet demands for more interesting beers. A visit will likely show you that the taps have expanded to include some really interesting drafts that you've never sampled before.

You may not be able to find the selection you want on nearby streets, but you will be able to find it very easily in Toronto's active downtown area, and the great nightlife destinations that are spread all throughout the city.

Enjoy Local Beer Festivals and Events

Bars aren't the only place to experience the great beers for which Toronto is now known. The city also hosts great festivals all year round, many of which include rich selections of beers that have been shipped from all over the world. If you're eager to taste the latest styles before they show up in stores, you're sure to find them at these fun community events.

Local festivals are also a great way to experience the food available in our fine city. Many restaurants rent booths at these events to let people who have never visited sample the latest dishes that are taking Toronto by storm. Experiencing them here will give you an idea of the best places to try for your next night out.

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